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Sunshine Coast Live Music

Powerful Harmonies and Classic Guitarin'. A Totally Funkadelic Experience. Paul Bellerby Band comprises of the singer guitarist Paul Bellerby on Guitar and vocals, Rob Kani on bass and vocals and Mark New on drums/percussion. Pauls rockin' rhythm' and blues will soothe your soul and make you want to "howl at the moon".

The dynamic between Paul, Mark and Rob is an equal union of progressive experienced musicians. Their fresh sound and smooth vocal harmonies will captivate and lure you, combining an energetic performance that has there audiences on their feet and cheering for more.
Tearing through their original music alongside classic beach music and blues music numbers featuring upbeat grooves, inspirational lyrics, memorable hooks and superb musicianship its easy to tell these crowd pleasers really enjoy what they are doing.

Paul Bellerby Band
delivers a range of butt shaking, blues rock and soul, they put there own stamp on cover versions of popular songs, original songs and songs you haven't heard for a while. Our live music repertoire is diverse, ranging from deep soulful blues and crooning sexy swing to pushing it full throttle down a “RollingStones” soulful like path with titanic renditions of tunes from bands like “Cold Play” and “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” to “Daddy Cool” and “Steppinwolf”, depending on the venue or the event.

Up tempo tracks are turbocharged with a fresh live music dynamic, we incorporate an extensive dance music repertoire for your enjoyment, that will seduce young and old to join the dance floor creating a party atmosphere and encouraging participation, impromptu audience performances, sing along' and requests."See our Songlist.

Sunshine Coast Live Party Music
We cover many Live Music genre’s delivering a range of buttshaking;
Live Swing music, Live classic rock music, Live Acoustic Rock music,
Live disco music, live Soul Music, live Romantic Music, Live Original Music,
Live Dance Music

Bellerby is a powerful vocalist his music bursting with soul, his voice achingly penetrating and highly addictive, the cool layered sound is part velvet, part grit passion and an uplifting energy. He is a dynamic guitarist with a distinctive action that brings rare life to a good selection of classic blues rock. Whether ripping into meaty slashing solo’s or delicate spacey Hendrix like phrases he wades into swampy blues rock that sizzles and smokes with astounding passion. Every time he picks up his guitar Paul digs deep into his soul and plays the groove wherever it takes him.
The “Sunshine Coast Daily”

It's all about pleasure and fun.Our audio and lighting equipment is complete and the technology is state of the art,premium quality sound by Turbo Sound. So book us for your Wedding-Party-Whatever and… Go to Youtube now to view our live music performances.